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Brake Repair

When getting your brakes checked are you getting a thorough inspection or  is some one just looking at them?
Our brake repair estimates are 99% accurate. There are times (1%) when we cannot predict unforeseen circumstances.  We will dis-assemble and measure EVERYTHING. We will call you and give you a detailed list of the current specifications and what your brakes, rotors and drums measured. 
We will give you "run out" and minimum machining tolerances. Brake drum maximum machining tolerances. We will take the extra time to wash all machined parts by hand (unheard of in today's world) but we still do it. We take apart every movable part and apply special brake lube called "Sil-glyde" to all moving parts (also unheard of in today's world) why? Simply because it cost time and money. This is a standard procedure with ALL our brake jobs at no extra cost. 
We WILL NOT quote you one price just to get you here, then call back and tell you its going to cost much, much more. Give us a try, we have had 100% satisfaction from all brake work.

We work on domestics and imports, trucks and vans. We do every type of automotive repair from simple oil changes, to engine rebuilds, alternators and starters to advanced computer diagnostics. Clutches, transmissions, axles to differentials, heating and air conditioning, tune ups, basic maintenance, factory scheduled maintenance. Electrical and electronics.

We are also into drag racing and do many high performance items related to racing, just call for more info.

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